Vegelateria is one of the most exemplary fairspot in all Switzerland!!! they really have a holistic approach and it goes far beyond food! however they propose an impressive buffet of raw, vegan, glutenfree food. The quality of the vegetables and fruits is great and everything is organic. No doubt that the taste is far better than anywhere else. The people of the restaurants are also active in meditation and going at Vegelateria is like an our of relaxing massage with the relaxation music. A “Havre de paix” at the city center of Zürich!
Petra Draskovic

Author Petra Draskovic

Love for hiking, mountains and the sea has guided me through many countries. Love for the environment and the society has made me feeling responsibility while travelling. Thirst for new knowledge led me to Masters in political science with emphasis on environmental issues of globalization. Enjoy my fairstories written for thefairtraveller and don't hesitate to ask questions and comment.

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