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What do they do ? Why do they do it ? How did they came up with this idea ?

Vegelateria is an organic and vegan restaurant in Zürich. This a unique place in this city where you can really feel the difference that a vegan alimentations can make. The food is mainly raw and the products are coming mainly from a local permaculture farm. It makes more than 25 years that the restaurant promotes a different way of eating !

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“What is vegan if it is not organic ?”

These are that exact words of the cook. And they reflects perfectly the mentality of the owners. The restaurant is the only vegan AND organic one in Zürich. The food is prepared raw to preserve as much as possible the vitamins and properties of the plants.

There is a particular concern about health and well-being in the Vegelateria. It goes beyond the food as the owners invite you to think about what you are eating, to meditate about the way you are consuming. Meditation is a keyword there.


  • Just by being vegan, the restaurant makes a big difference. It is commonly known that meat production is an environmental nightmare. Not using meat helps to reduce a lot the restaurant’s footprint.
  • All the products used are organic. Organic agriculture is more respectful of the earth than the “classical” one. Even the products coming from far away are grown by small families and kept as fresh as possible.


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