The project started in Switzerland in 2015 with a small community, suggesting and visiting #fairspots in their free time. The “Swiss Beta version” of the web platform was developed in an effort to put show fair travelling starts on your door step. However we do have plans to ramp up our inventory and open up international destinations as the community grows.

To sustain our long term vision, we established a not-for-profit association, which is hosting the fair traveller platform as a project. We also collaborate with partners which aim for positive impact and sharing of fair practices, like Impact Hub Geneva, Impact Hub Zürich, Swiss Parks, Agrotourismus Schweiz, Switzerland Tourism.


Fair Tourism is an not-for-profit association, created in March 2015 in Geneva. It counts 15 members, and received 53 donations. The comittee is composed as followed: Julia Beyer (President) – Franco Gamarra (Vicepresident) – Alexandre Roch (General Secretary & Treasurer) – Petra Draskovic – Hélène Robert

The mission of our association is to promote the development of sustainable touristic activities and providers and contributing to the development of a more sustainable society.

At the present time, Fair Tourism supports and participates mainly in the development of the project the fair traveller: the implementation of an online platform that enables the communication of the travellers community with the providers of touristic offers promoting sustainable development.

Fair Tourism also participates in initiatives and events contributing to knowledge sharing between touristic actors, through the development of a fairpractices library.

As part of the European Sustainable Development Week, Fair Tourism also organised the 2016 #swissfaircrawl.