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Switzerland is a country of many hidden gems and wonderful landscapes. We, at thefairtraveller, were lucky enough to go discover two nature parks and to meet people who are investing all the efforts in sustainable actions, we call #fairpractices.

First day, on Saturday, the 20th May we visited nature park called Beverin and the following day  Parc Ela.

Now, all the people know that winter is a big experience in Switzerland, but we decided to explore those two nature parks in summer. Farmers, restaurants and accommodation providers work hard throughout the year and the summer offer is amazing. We chose to visit them because the methods they choose in food production, maintenance and accommodation are environment friendly and kind to their local community, a real #fairpractice. This is the story of our #faircrawl in Nature park Beverin and Park Ela.

Like every #faircrawl, it all began by partnering up with Swiss Parks Network, which was very supportive of our activities in promoting sustainable tourism, and immediately put us in contact with some of the farmers and café places. Our community responded, and many people went on the exploration.

First #fairspot that we visited was Lichthof in Lohn, to have a nice early morning coffee at Café Fortuna. Before the coffee, we visited the stable with the cows and were told why is it important for the milk that cows have horns. P.s. We are in the process of editing some videos, so check out our YouTube channel for some more news.

Second #fairspot that Saturday was Center de Capricorns in Zillis, where we were amazed by the stunning view of the place. It is on top of the mountain, surrounded by greenish yellow meadows and beautiful cottages. We had a grand tour of their heat production facility, where they use geothermal water to heat the hotel during winter.

Casa storica was the third #fairspot of the day. It is situated in little village called Andeer, in the park Beverin. We always want to know more about the role of culture in sustainable tourism, so we asked about their #fairpractice collecting the tools and stories of the region and reviving them in theatre plays and artefacts exhibitions. Innovation from the olden days amazed us.

After Casa storica, we went to local dairy in Ela called Sennerai. We took the cheese for fondue. We looked up the #fairpractice of using traditional methods they use at the dairy to produce hard cheese.

We ended the day going to the final #fairspot to have a rest in a Jurte – a Kyrgistani tent for twenty people. We have had fondue bought at the local dairy farm while getting warm with fire place. Everyone slept nicely and we got ready for the new day.

On Sunday, we got up early and went to Solis- Brücke Restaurant to have early breakfast. This #fairspot is a family run business, with special attention to preserving the bridge Solis. We witnessed a spectacular view on the cliff and got ready to continue our path.

Second #fairspot of the day was Atelier Poss, where the #fairpractice is recycling sheep fur that is about to be burnt. The owner buys it from local farmers, washes it, and turns it into pillows and blankets of great quality. Even though she is retired, she organizes workshops for young people who would like to learn more about this traditional method. She answered all of our questions, and we continued knowing where we are going to buy our next duvets and pillows.

Park Ela was full of surprises on this second day of the #faircrawl, so we hurried on to the next #fairspot – Ranch Farsox to get some trout and learn more about sustainable trout growing. The #fairpractice here was using the natural mountain source of water to grow trout for consummation in the restaurant on the ranch. They use homeopathic remedies to treat their animals and were happy to answer all the questions we had about it.

After nice lunch in front of a tipi, we hiked along the water way of Ela, crossed the viadukt, to get to the last #fairspot of the day. Biohof Lasorts is a farm with 42 different regional sorts of potatoes, among other vegetables they produce. They are proud of their #fairpractice and are happy to show us everything about it. We were invited for a chat in another tipi, where we got the explanation of the whole procedure. You can see the whole video here.

So, thefairtraveller community is growing bigger and getting even more interested in #fairpractices of the world in order to support sustainable and fair tourism. This time, we got the opportunity from to organize a visit of nature parks Ela and Beverin in Switzerland. If you have suggestions for us, or would like to join us, please send us an e-mail on and we’ll gladly respond.

Happy fair travels,

the team.

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