thefairtraveller team is always open to participating conferences and supporting various events. Salon of Technologies and Inovation in Lausanne, populary known as STIL is one of them. This years event fell on the 16th March, a day which was both snowy and sunny, but the great space of Swisstech Convention Center keapt us all nice and warm. STIL conference runs for three years now, and with various innovative technology solutions, they invite innovators from all sorts of fields to participate. We, the team of thefairtraveller, have been participating for three years, and I have been personally there just two years. 🙂 I love it.

You should really feel the magic of this event when you are surrounded with all these brilliant minds that are talking passionatelly about their ideas and innovations. The crowd is moving from stand to stand and soaking in the amazing achievments and ideas. In between those stands, there was the our stand with Julia and Alexandre on the spot presenting the innovative idea of fairtravelling, surrounded with people atracted to the idea. I was, ofcourse, jumping around, filming, taking photos and offering chocolates.

With the idea surrounding the project, we also presented our #swissfaircrawl week that we are going to do in the begining of June as a part of the European Sustainable Development Week  and we found lots of runners, hikers, train lovers to join us on our cruise from Zürich to Geneva. You can join us, as well, just follow our Facebook page for the update. It is very fun on these #faircrawl events of ours. We also held a tombola. Here are some of the photos taken in between the fun at STIL2016:

The apero- party afterwards was a great time to find partners, supporters, and give support to other projects. I was amazed by the responses of the crowd about their interest, especially the interest in participating all of our events.

There you go, my dear fairtravellers, this is what we do. 🙂 Making sure that fair travelling keeps being fun and at the same time, keeping all of our responsibilites towards environment and the society accounted for. If you want to support our goal, there is something you can do:

Thank you very much and I wish you lots of fair travelling.

Petra Draskovic

Author Petra Draskovic

Love for hiking, mountains and the sea has guided me through many countries. Love for the environment and the society has made me feeling responsibility while travelling. Thirst for new knowledge led me to Masters in political science with emphasis on environmental issues of globalization. Enjoy my fairstories written for thefairtraveller and don't hesitate to ask questions and comment.

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  • Alexandre Roch says:

    It was actually a very nice event and so interesting to share with people. What was very exciting was the interest people had in our project!!! This is a good incentive to continue the effort!

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