This shop sells a variety of things – soap, shoes, jackets, kitchen stuff (pans, pots), sunglasses, bags (backpacks and handbags)… & much more. Their philosophy is based on selling just “the essentials” — little things you need to get by and not much more. Quality over quantity is not a bad idea right?  Interesting points: most of the products are made in Europe, they try to source & put stuff together as much as possible from Switzerland; they are a collective: a bunch of people with a variety of skills and they try use their capacity in-house as much as possible; they make soaps – 100% in house, in the process of expanding – the ingredients they use in the soaps can be washed down the drain without harming all the little fish.
Hélène Robert

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I'm a recent graduate from a masters in Environmental Management and Policy at the iiiee, Lund University, and having lived in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine (current) and with New Zealand being my home, you could say I'm a keen traveller. I'm interested in sustainable tourism - that's the passion behind my writing.

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