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Most people have no idea what social entrepreneurship means. Just like most of you I also had no clue about it a couple of years ago. To my own surprise, investigating this new and challenging world made me discover a very human concept, that seems today to be the natural evolution of two world that have been fighting each other on an economic scale, but also inside ourselves:


All of us know that a “standard” company is profit oriented, and that in most of the cases this profit gets into the pockets of the shareholders. Sustainably oriented companies will reinvest the benefits as they know this will create long term benefices for themselves too. But the whole thing is very much self-centered. “Let’s create something that has economic value and we can profit from.”

Luckily, the human being is a social being, and we do need each other, and we also care about each other, even if we are often faced with situation where we end up fighting each other for protective reasons. If we can, we still care. If it’s not too much effort.

If it doesn’t mean we have to make sacrifices and loose something, than we are happy to help.

So as the most natural thing in history, philantropy developped as a consequence of this profit oriented businesses. Dan Palotta’s video on this is not only impressively simple, it’s also shocking. We have a world split in two, as if those two forces in us where dissociated !

We all need to care for ourselves and we all want to help out if we can.

That’s my definition of social entrepreneurship. The youth of this world is introducing a new concept that allows fast and concrete actions to be taken where they are needed, while designing them inside the economic system – instead of outside of it !!

Social entrepreneurship for me is when you can be human, act, and fill all your needs.


Why is this so important for the tourism sector ? I’ll tell you what I think in my next post


enjoy the video in English :

or in french 🙂




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  • Alexandre Roch says:

    Interesting article! I also watched this very good Ted a fiew days ago and it really helps to broaden the horizons and change the way we see the economic system!

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