We visited Saftlade and were very interested by the philosophy of David, the owner! the juices are made with organic food and he knows all the provenance of the fruits and vegetables he uses. he also explained us that he produces almost no wastes with the food and prepares a fix amount of every receipe. when there is no more, there is no more! David is conscious that a 100% organic concept is not possible and he thinks that being as good as possible is already a victory for him! Saftlade is a very interesting concept and we encourage you to visit them and ask question he will be happy to answer with transparency! this is for me a exemplary fairspot!
Alexandre Roch

Author Alexandre Roch

I was born in Geneva and always interested myself in different ways to live and think. I am sure that a more respectful economy can exist without lowering our happiness and that tourism can be more participative and respectful. After my study in Environmental Engineering at EPF Lausanne and ETH Zürich I took part in entreprenarial projects and co-founded the fair traveller project.

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