This place is run by a small association that just started up last year. They get old neglected bikes, fix them up and then lend them out to people for long durations (minimum 1 month). This business fits into thefairtravelling world because if you are looking at doing a bike tour around Switzerland you can go to these guys to get set up – they can lend you a bike and set you up with the bags and everything you need. You can also take a mechanic course before you leave so that you know the basics and can be your own handyman if anything goes wrong. Fairtravel Switzerland by bike!
Hélène Robert

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I'm a recent graduate from a masters in Environmental Management and Policy at the iiiee, Lund University, and having lived in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine (current) and with New Zealand being my home, you could say I'm a keen traveller. I'm interested in sustainable tourism - that's the passion behind my writing.

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