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What do they do ? Why do they do it ? How did they came up with this idea ?

Saftlade is a small take away shop, existing since 25 years, selling juices made out of organic vegetables. The origin of the products are well known and a track is kept at all time. The most interesting thing about Saftlade is its no-waste policy. No food is thrown away, every thing that is produced is consumed.

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25 years ago, David’s mother opened Saftlade. David put his hands on the shop recently. Saftlade sells juices and smoothies made out of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. The focus is put on quality. The products are locals if possible but of better quality ones are available in other parts of the world, they will be preferred. The transportation is made by boat for the products coming from far away. To be as local as possible event the packages, cups and cardboards are made in Switzerland.

One of the most interesting thing about Saftlade is its no-waste policy. No food is thrown away as the juices are produced in small quantities. When an item is depleted, it is just too late you have to wait the day after to be served. Moreover, the fruits are not pealed if possible and very few dry waste is produced.


  • Saftlade tries to reduce its footprint as much as possible. The products are as local as possible but if transportation is needed it is guaranteed to be done by boat
  • No or very few waste is produced. It is just perfect from a life cycle point of view.


  zürich, switzerland

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