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During the holiday season, in December 2018, the fair traveller team organized a #faircrawl of the big apple. Most will think that a city that large doesn’t have any #fairspot (because they are not very competitive in such a large city), but you would be wrong. Artisans, locally sourced food restaurants, permaculture everywhere. There is hope in the big concrete jungle.

About that stuff #fairspots not being competitive. People that I’ve encountered usually tell me there is not a valid point in opening a #fairspot, because of the additional costs (they include costs for waste management, energy saving – they do not put on flashy energy consuming neon signs that they are there,etc), so other places are more visible and therefore, so they have lots of more customers than a #fairspot.

What I found during New York #faircrawl is complete opposite. Those places (we call them #fairspots) are more frequently visited that next door chain stuff). I think it’s because people are starting to want to make an impact in this world, want to have some authenticity an get in touch with the local community they are visiting.

As it was my first time visiting New York, I decided to use social media channels to spread the word on this #faircrawl. Months in, the people were super excited about this event, and gave me lots of suggestions on what to see, where to go, etc. There were a dozen of sign ups and I was looking forward to the big event, but when the day came, the temperature dropped significantly and there were a lot of cancellations. Still I am grateful to have gotten to see all of the #fairspots I have planned to visit.

#fairspot, on the other hand, were super open about sharing their stories and I got inspired to do more for thefairtraveller. They showed support for our project and I hope I will visit them all when I come next year.

Take a look at the videos of all inspiring #fairspots from New York #faircrawl.

And see you next time on a #faircrawl near you.

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