The decor and food is of a Swiss-Moroccan fusion. A farm giving people the opportunity to connect with farm life. You can sleep in the hay (a Swiss tradition), check out the animals (horses, cows, dog… ), get married here (really, they cater for big events) – on the 1st of August – Swiss national day, you can come here for a brunch – which is also a must-do in Switzerland on this day. They make their own jams and spreads here – check out the basement for all these goodies that you can get.

Hélène Robert

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I'm a recent graduate from a masters in Environmental Management and Policy at the iiiee, Lund University, and having lived in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine (current) and with New Zealand being my home, you could say I'm a keen traveller. I'm interested in sustainable tourism - that's the passion behind my writing.

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