Switzerland not only combines many cultures and languages on a very small territory, it also is home of hundreds of #fairspots 🙂 !!

We got inspired last year by the WWF campaign, pointing out that staying here in Summer could be a nice option too… why not ?

I live in Lausanne for more than 10 years, and yet have I not seen 10% of this beautiful country.

We found a lot of useful information online, after searching for a bit. WWF and the Swiss tourism association united their communication efforts to make us discover all beauty and cultural heritage that can be found close by.

“La population suisse prend deux fois plus l’avion que les Allemands, les Français, les Autrichiens et les Italiens. A l’heure actuelle, 16% des nuisances environnementales dans notre pays sont déjà dues au trafic aérien – et la tendance est à la hausse.” www.wwf.ch/fr/savoir/consommation/route/ecotourisme.cfm

So if we wanna stay in Switzerland this year, what could we do ? Check out fairspots of course !! We have more than 1000 already, and the #swissfaircrawl is going to be a great way to discover them!

Note down 30 May til 5 June in your agendas 🙂 !


Julia Beyer

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Completely crazy about travelling, I'm into couchsurfing and every initiative that promotes exchange between us humains, beyond our differences :) I graduated in environmental Sciences, helped some companies improve their impact on this world, and now I'm all stoked to change the face of tourism.

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