Hungary for some #fairspots?

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A weekend in Budapest discovering fairspots.

*What is a fairspot?
A fairspot is a sustainable tourism business that behaves in a fair way towards its social and natural environment, takes into account its impact and derives concrete solutions. 

Equipped with two friends, two legs (each) and curiosity we set out into the streets of Budapest. Fortunately one who had lived in Budapest and had a few fairspots up her sleeve. Here is how the adventure unfolded…

Fairspot 1) Madal Café

This place has a good vibe. They sell organic coffee and have a few vegan-treat options.

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Found at:
Hollán Ernö utca 3. Vár

Stop 2) Szimpla
Up there with one of the best finds – decorated with recycled nic nacs. All kinds of local goods – cheese, spreads, baked goodies, jams, juices. AND every week a different NGO serves hot food with procedes going to a good cause. By night, Szimpla transforms into one of the typical “ruin bars” you can find in Budapest – many of them serve local beer – support that local economy! (See:

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Found at: Kazinczy utca 14.

Fairspot 3) Massolit
You can buy or even just read a second hand book while sipping on your coffee. Books, like most products and goods we consume take a lot of resources to make – such as trees. Buying second hand is good for the environment because it means that you are reusing – you avoid using resources for a new book AND saving the old book from going into the trashcan. Usually is cheaper too! Not so bad being a #fairtraveller huh??

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Found at: Nagy Diófa utca 30

Fairspot 4) Hummus Bar
Hummus is made from chickpeas – many vegan and vegetarian options if you desire having a low-impact meal. We go on an on about vegan and vegetarian meals – why? The production of vegetarian meals consume less water and produce less CO2. In this case, the additional bonus is that chickpeas are really good for you – high in protein and fiber as well as containing a few key minerals and vitamins. In Budapest you can find these Hummus bars on most corners.

Fairspot 5) Artushka

Many souvenirs are made in China – they have to travel far & are most likely to be made in mass scale. Work standards for workers are questionable. Here we found a shop selling local Hungarian arts & craft. Super friendly staff.

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Found at: Klauzál utca 4.

Fairspot 6) Kisuzem

We passed by this pub in the Jewish Quartar, unfortunately we couldn’t stop for a drink because we had a RDV. We got talking to a local man outside who told us more about the place. Apparently the owner is involved in a project with a local charity to feed the hungry in Hungary. You can read more here:

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Found at:
Kis Diófa Utca 2.

Fairspot 7) …

Forgot the name of this place (maybe alcohol consumption played a role in that) – but you can get a lot of LOCAL BEERS! Decorated with a lot of recycled stuff.

I’ll get back with more info.

UPDATE:  Eleszto is the name of the place.

Fairspot 8) ?
I’m sure that there are many I have missed but unfortunately time was limited. If you know of any others don’t hesitate to let me know!

Thanks Lindsey & Tanja for being great partners in exploration =)
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