The decor has been inspired by the owner’s travels in Africa. You’ll be staying under the roof of the founder of “les chemins bio” – hiking paths between organic farms where you can either just eat a meal or stay for a night (http://www.lescheminsdubio.ch/fr/chemins/franches-montagnes). At Ferme Lafleur they make three types of cheese – tête de moins, st. Jean, Montfaucon – only organic production with milk from just down the road. They have solar panels on the roof and were one of the first to install these.


Unfortunately, in our globalised world, farming is becoming more and more a thing of the past, by taking a holiday to experience farm life, not only are you getting a taste of where you food comes from (or used to anyway), check out some cool animals, experience a few hours in a farmers boots; you also support this culture and practice by bringing some business to these “businesses” – they often sell some produce which, in the case of les chemins de bio, is mainly organic produce.


In a five minutes walk you’ll be at the #fairspot Aux Couleurs du Terroirs.

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