As a part of the Chemins du Bio you can stop by and have a meal and also buy some of their numerous home-made organic products (meat, eggs, honey, cheese, bread…) They have and make nearly everything you need to survive! They look after pigs, horses, cows, chickens, dogs and cats, vegetable garden, fruit trees. and milk their goats by hand. The place surrounded by forest and the farm is managed by a group of 6. They’re in the process of refurnishing a new accommodation suite.
Hélène Robert

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I'm a recent graduate from a masters in Environmental Management and Policy at the iiiee, Lund University, and having lived in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine (current) and with New Zealand being my home, you could say I'm a keen traveller. I'm interested in sustainable tourism - that's the passion behind my writing.

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