What is a fairpractice ?

It’s what makes the difference between a #fairspot and a “normal” spot.

Technically speaking, it’s when those people in a #fairspot act fair towards their environment, be it social or natural. In fact, they are all the little and big efforts that are done to make this world a better place. It goes from doing growing food organically, to recycling waste, to the way you consume energy, or don’t consume it, … to more educational aspects of the way you interact with others and raise awareness.

In our attempt to find out about all the different exciting fair practices that exist, in Switzerland and around the world, we went to visit #fairspots and filmed them explaining what they do.

see our first fairpractices

We have defined 10 categories covering the different hot topics of sustainability and are closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They should make it easy for the community to share their practices, ideas and knowledge, so to inspire others to do the same, and to show that it is possible to make this world a bit better every day.

We wish for the members of our community to inspire others. All those actions taken to make this world a better place, can be helpful for anyone who would like to do the same. We are working on a library to show cast all #fairpractices in a simple way and prove that sustainability can be easy and fun.

fairpractices documented


We all consume more energy than we really need. Optimizing, reducing, and replacing our energy consumption by renewables can help a lot to create a better more sustainable  future.


What ever project you run, where ever you go, you have an impact on the ground you are on. Respecting and protecting biodiversity and wildlife for exemple will lower your footprint.


Clean drinking water should be a human right for all. Acting consciously, preserving the water environment and not wasting it is an important factor to ensure health and peace on this planet.


Sensitization of workers and clients though flyers, conferences, workshops, etc. Transparency and communications means enter also,in this category.


Actions and engagements that aim at reducing air pollution or preserve the climate are necessary if we still want to breathe in a couple of years from now.


Local community support through commercial and cultural engagement contributes to long term sustainable economic development.


How to get from one spot to another and minimize your travel impact is crucial. Actions that promote walking, biking, taking the train, can make a big difference too.


Managing a fairspot or a project is also about the way people work together, and how to treat each other with respect. Acting fair towards your immidiat social environment is a key to sustainable development.


Nothing is lost, everything transforms. If you consider Waste as a ressource, for yourself or for others, you are doing one important step towards 100% recycling.


What you buy and consume matters a lot. Considering the transport and other impacts of things that you source can have great positive impact.

Do you have a fairpractice to share ?

write us about it to team @ the fair traveller . org and we will publish it on our community blog where it can inspire others !