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Faircrawls – WHAT ARE THOSE? The question appears every time we invite people to do one. So, I started asking myself how exactly do you define a FAIRCRAWL? Well, grab a cup of tea; I’ve got a story for you.

The idea came from our precious Helene, fairtraveller by education who wanted the fun spirit of pub crawls to go on the exploration of the *fairspots – the spots with environmentally and/or socially responsible actions. It all began simply, and we set out to many cities to find those little hidden fairspots. J It was fun to hang around on a Saturday morning and talk about our week while discovering a new fairspot café that was just around the corner and we never saw it. By then, our laughter attracted many others who had so many suggestions and took us to their favorite spots and continued until late in the evening.

I bet you want to know what exactly do we do on a faircrawl? Basically, we gather at one point in the city that we will faircrawl upon and follow suggestions from our fellow fair travellers while being guided by a local. We then look up all of the suggestions from the fairtravellers on our Facebook page and lurk from one fairspot to the other. We taste, talk to the owners, look around, touch, talk to the people, relax, make a funny video, take some goofy pictures, and put everything on the faircrawl event page. Then someone calls on a phone saying: “ooooooooo, I know just a fairspot…”, then we look it up and head there. The crowd of fairtravellers is pretty unpredictable and the fairtravellers come and go, depending on their free time. But, the important thing is, that everyone leaves with a smile on their faces. Me especially. I love these gatherings and explorations.

What is funny, we usually have more locals than visiting ones on a faircrawl. They say it’s because they want to discover their city. Especially when they have just moved there or don’t have any time during the day to check it out, and we are more than happy to keep them company.

We are inviting everyone and you can bring whoever you want and suggest to the group where to go to next. If, for some reason, you can’t join us, but would like to discover that particular city, just follow the event on our social networks. We are posting videos and photos regularly and follow new suggestions on the spot. If you want to see how it looks like in the real world, here is one video from January when we faircrawled Zurich:

So, by now you want to join in on a faircrawl, ha? It would be perfect if you would like to know one of the cities on the list, or even your own, and also if you would like to know some more about the project and get to know the fun fairtraveller team, or if you know this excellent fairspot where the owners give their best to make the world a better place and you want them to have some credit for it, you are welcome to suggest it by sending it to suggest@thefairtraveller.org and then join us while we go and discover it.

Here are the galleries of some of the faircrawls J enjoy your day.

Petra Draskovic

Author Petra Draskovic

Love for hiking, mountains and the sea has guided me through many countries. Love for the environment and the society has made me feeling responsibility while travelling. Thirst for new knowledge led me to Masters in political science with emphasis on environmental issues of globalization. Enjoy my fairstories written for thefairtraveller and don't hesitate to ask questions and comment.

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  • Julia Beyer says:

    OMG I look so tired on the pix haha ! It was actually tiring …
    So happy about the results though, could not imagine that we would get such a great welcome everywhere we go! And so many fairspot suggestions. Looking forward to do a swisswide faircrawl in may 🙂

    • Petra Draskovic says:

      I was really surprised about the fact how many welcoming people we met. It was a bit tiring, but all the lovely food we ate…. mmmmmmmmmmm, the memories. And the fact that there is a good story behind these foods, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely. Where are we going to go next?

  • Hélène Robert says:

    This is great! Looks like you guys had fun =) what is great about this kind of initiative is that you tap into this community of environmentally concisous people and businesses – a community which is usually tight knit…. good stuff!

    • Petra Draskovic says:

      We were missing you. You being so far away 🙁 But, seeing that you had spontaneous faircrawls on your own makes me feel glad. 🙂 When you come back, we will have a day of fun all for you. 🙂

  • Alexandre Roch says:

    Hey Guys! Looking forward to coming to the next #faircrawl! Hope you enjoyed and you are motivated to do another one in another city in Switzerland or abroad! Congrats for your engagement!!!

    • Petra Draskovic says:

      Hello, where would you like to go? We had super fun and are just waiting for the new suggestions- 🙂 Maybe Basel?? That’s a cool city.

  • Franco Gamarra says:

    Good pictures! it was a fantastic day of learning, fun and get knowing more people engaged to explore the city in a sustainable way. Looking forward for the next one!

  • Alexandre Roch says:

    So the next #fraircrawl is from the 30th of mai until the 5th of june right? The big #swissfaircrawl from GVA to ZH!!! let’s go for it!!!

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