#faircrawl in Lausanne, Switzerland

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In August 2017 thefairtraveller community went on another #faircrawl – exploration of sustainable actions. We decided to explore Lausanne in Switzerland. Lausanne is a city in the french part of Switzerland, with lots of bridges, steep streets and charming little corners. We were not surprised to find out many places where people do a lot of enviromentally and socially friendly actions we call #fairpractices.

First #fairspot was Culture Cafe, which is situated in FNAC shop. We gathered around our host and he fed us breakfast and told us all about the recycled furniture he used- Learning about that #fairpractice inspired some of the community to do it on their own. We learned that Culture Cafe uses nothing but locally sourced food, as well.


Very well fed, we continued on, using public transportation, to get to our second #fairspot Les aquarels du Leman, a solar boat company on Lake Geneva. Captain Olivier told us all about gathering energy from the sun and using it to explore Lake Geneva. We asked about the difficulties and the possibilities, and he was happy to share his story.

After a nice dip in the lake and lunch on board Olivier’s solar boats, we walked, biked and used public transportation to meet Gilles at Rovéréaz – Ferme agroécologique, an agroecological farm with organic production. There we learned a lot about growing vegetables and we got a presentation of the #fairpractice pedagogical garden.

Spending some time in the garden gave us some energy to continue to our third #fairspot. It was ART HENIA boutik ethik, close to the center of Lausanne. We found out about the difficulties and possibilities of fairtrade coffee and clothes from Gonzalo, who was a lovely host.

The fairtraveller community had a perfect ending of the day in the last #fairspot Jetée de la Compagnie tasting local food, drinks, and learning a lot about their #fairpractice magical eco-toilets.

We hope you enjoyed the videos. We do run around to explore different actions that are environmentally and socially friendly, but we also have some fun. Here is the event with all life posted videos and photos : link.

And a playlist with 4 #fairpractices we learned on this #faircrawl: YouTube playlist.

If you want to join us on such events, please sign up here and tell us which city you would like to explore. If you want to support us, so we can organize more of these events,  visit us on our donation page here.

Have a lovely afternoon, dear fair travellers, keep us posted on your activities, maybe we organize something for you to enjoy in the future.



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  • Nicu says:

    Thanks for organizing this faircrawl in Lausanne! I really enjoyed discovering new spots, like the agroecological farm and Art Henia shop/café, and most of all, the story of passionate people behind them. Loved the group atmosphere as well!
    Just wonderful!! Can’t wait for the next event!

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