Cocooning Savonnerie Artisanale

If you’re visiting the region or Switzerland – this is an option for a souvenir or present for others. A few things they’re doing well: left over soap pieces are donated to Caritas – for people living in poverty, or used as samples; they aim for zero waste – their soaps have very little packaging – just a piece of paper that can be recycled (which is exceptional if you think of the waste when you finish a PET bottle of bodywash or facewash); they use rainwater as a key ingredient to make the soaps; they are actively looking for alternatives to palm oil – but their source of palm oil is from a small exploitation who whom they have a close relationship. An example of this is the use of goat milk – one soap is composed of 25% goats milk; products are of high quality – 90% of oil and they use natural oils such as olive oil instead of petrol-based products in conventional soap; you can take public transport (the train) to get to their office & “factory” in the country side and see with your own eyes how the soap is made. It smells delicious, is a beautiful location with some very welcoming staff.

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