Recycling of bikes and material

What do they do ? Why do they do it ? How did they came up with this idea ?

Recycling old, lost or broken bikes has always been the idea. The #fairspot Recylce is an association, based in Lausanne, Switzerland whose main activity is to recover and repair old bikes. Once repaired and equipped (lights, locks, etc.) the bikes are rented for a long time period. The association is also active at the neighborhood level since the workshop is opened and self managed every Wednesday. The tools and second hand spare parts are available at free price.

How ?

Recyclo take old bikes form different sources and repair them. Instead of letting them rot they give them a second life. The also recover spare pieces and make them available in the workshop at a free price.

The bikes are coning principally form:

  • The CFF: the bikes abandoned near the train stations are recovered by the association
  • The FMEL: the student houses in Lausanne are also working with Recyclo
  • Individuals which can also make donations

The bikes are registered and a traceability is kept in order to fight against theft and trafficking.

How much does it cost ?

The bikes are given for free to the association, the only cost are the fees for the local.

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