Making biking available for everyone

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What do they do ? Why do they do it ? How did they came up with this idea ?

The aim of the association Recyclo, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is to recover and repair old bikes. It’s our main activity. Once repaired and equipped (lights, locks, etc.) the bikes are rented for a long time period. The association is also active at the neighborhood level since the workshop is opened and self managed every Wednesday. The tools and second hand spare parts are available at free price.

How ?

Les Recyclo try to promote soft mobility through multiple actions they undertake:

  • They propose a long-term bike rental service. The bikes can be costumed to fit perfectly the needs of everyone and a large choice of bikes is proposed, from race bike to mountain bike
  • They try to work with hostels  in Lausanne and make the bikes available directly at the reception. Traveller will just have to pick up the bikes and discover the city and its surroundings

How much does it cost ?

The association works with volunteers willing to give a little bit of their free time to make the place alive. The only expense it has are the location fees for the local they have.

association recyclo

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