What a great move against food waste ! We discovered this fairspot more or less by chance, and despite not having announced our visit, we got welcomed warmly.
Petra was happy sharing all she knew with us, from the logostic challenges, to the type of clients that choose to eat bread from yesterday.
Actually the social impact is huge too. Just imagine how many people can’t afford a organic fullcorn bread in a bakery … and this is the amazing part : most breads you find here are super healthy ! There are also lots of little cakes or sandwiches, all 50 to 70 % cheaper.
The thing is that all those things are still good, very good actually, because they are artisanal made and with quality ingredients, they keep much longer.
The sanitary challenge is solved by a non-stop refrigeration during transport. I’m just waiting for one to open in Lausanne 🙂 !!

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Completely crazy about travelling, I'm into couchsurfing and every initiative that promotes exchange between us humains, beyond our differences :) I graduated in environmental Sciences, helped some companies improve their impact on this world, and now I'm all stoked to change the face of tourism.

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  • Hélène Robert says:

    I’ve found that these kind of initiatives are popping up everywhere which is really cool to see – in Sweden and Hungry for example.

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