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I’m sitting on a caribean island and thinking of you all. No joke, this place reminds me of soooo many reasons why the fair traveller emerged and develops the way it does.
I’m in a 5 star hotel that is far from being sustainable, imported food is just a piece of the shame. Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding with white roses in the hair, allthough there is a million of beautiful flowers here. None of that nonesense is done on purpose, it’s all just out of unawareness.

Out of not knowing.

At some point some of the hotel oweners eventually discovered how badly the mass tourism was treating that coast, and sealed 6 km2 to a natural eco reserve, that serves hundreds of research projects in america. other great iniatives have emerged, and -a s always – do not figure on any of the mainstream proposition for activities, hosting, fooding or shopping.
Once again, I had to go through days of research. Once again one network emerged as the most useful … it’s based on a peer to peer exchange between travellers, solely relying on trust and honest attitude, gathering more than 40 mio people in the world. The pioneer of all shared economy start-ups …. Couchsurfing

On tuesday we leave for 10 days around the island, on our own but very well hosted and guided. We will check out a sustainable farm in the middle of the jungle and meet up with an environmental lawyer in the capital. And drink a lot of rum of course.

All of this rant to say one thing that really is important to me. For a concept to make sense anywhere in the world it has to link local to global, go from the bottom up, and engage into a fair exchange between the habitants of this planet. This is the base of any development, and it also happens to be the base of the fair traveller. (what a curious co-incidence 😉 )

Julia Beyer

Author Julia Beyer

Completely crazy about travelling, I'm into couchsurfing and every initiative that promotes exchange between us humains, beyond our differences :) I graduated in environmental Sciences, helped some companies improve their impact on this world, and now I'm all stoked to change the face of tourism.

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  • Petra Draskovic says:

    Wow, spreading the consciousness about one’s impact, thanks Julia. 🙂 Were you there all by yourself, what did the rest of the people thought or felt about your worries and solutions?

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